Why I Became A Health Coach

Movement has been a constant thread throughout my life, starting with a variety of sports elementary school through college to eventually majoring in Exercise Science. However, when my body started to change in high school I had a hard time coming to terms with the developments that were happening. I struggled with body image issues and disordered eating, using my already active lifestyle as a means to ‘get the body I wanted’ by not nourishing my body as I should have. My weight hovered around 100 lbs (for reference, I am 5’7” and about 130 lbs now), I felt tired all the time, depressed, and I was losing hair. It was this last bit that finally pushed my mom to schedule a doctors appointment, and I had a meeting with my pediatrician that literally changed my life. My doctor had my mom wait outside while she gently asked about my eating and lifestyle habits before informing me of some consequences the body can face when not nourished properly, especially in such formative years. IT. BLEW. MY. MIND. To this day I am so grateful for the kindness and open approach my doctor took when talking to me - she was never accusatory or cold, rather she educated me on the effects restrictive eating can have on not only my body in the present, but my future health. One of the consequences my doctor told me was that hurting my metabolism in the now could affect how well it functions down the road - at the time I heard this as ‘it won’t work as well and you may get fat’ which I know is very shallow and feels so petty typing out, but to someone who had serious self love issues and an overwhelming fear of gaining weight this scared the shit out of me. Leaving that office was when my wellness journey started - and there were a lot of lows before it grew to where it is today, but each of those taught me something which in turn helped me grow into a stronger and healthier person. I grew to appreciate how resilient the human body is, that no matter what you put it through it doesn’t get angry and quit - it works overtime to heal itself.

I truly believe everything we need to heal and live vibrantly is within us, which is why I went through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coaching Program to share this passion and help others learn to trust their intuition by tuning into their bodies needs. We are living in an age of information overload and fad diets, all of which can make it difficult to know which direction to take your health. We can so easily get distracted from listening to our bodies, instead getting swept up in what we are told we ‘should’ be doing or what works for others. As a health coach I am there for my clients to cut out this background noise and support you in doing you. Everyone’s wellness journey looks different, and we can’t lose sight of the fact that health is not a one stop shop, but rather a journey that will continuously evolve with you throughout the various chapters in your life.

I also know that my story is unique to me, but sadly not an uncommon one. I have had so many conversations with women who have all fallen on the spectrum of disordered eating + eating disorders, a hushed struggle they dealt with day in and day out. While I still want to get further training to specialize in helping women (and men) who have struggled with disordered eating regain clarity on their health and wellness, I felt that empowerment and awareness in all things health was a great place to start - for y’all and me! So Forrester Stylings is evolving, with stylings and wellness sharing space on the (virtual) pages of this site. Style and fashion is so near and dear to my heart, it didn’t feel natural to cut it out. I want this site to be a true documentation of my ever evolving journey around the sun.

I am excited to embark on this new health coaching path, while also diving deeper into the virtual sphere and sharing more on this site and I hope y’all are ready to enjoy it with me!


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