Lady In Red

Corsets have a history of being kind of intense and not very kind to those who wore them, however recently we've seen a resurgence of corset inspired items that offer the flattering look of a corset but without the not being able to breathe part.  Sounds great right?!  I think so, especially given that there are so many different takes on the corset at varying price points making it easy to try out this trend.  Style Mafia took on the trend with the classic buttondown, updating it with a corseted attachment around the waist.  It was a classically grounded style, made trendy and kind of sexy with the corset.  

I had been eyeing this Tracy Reese corseted dress at Anthropologie for a long time, before seeing it in a store while on vacation in Charleston, SC.  I saw it, was like 'damn I've been digging that online for a while', debated about it, walked around the store, came back to it, tried it on, and once I had it on I was like 'you coming home with me girl'.  And that was that.  She's super flirty without showing too much (a trait I've been liking more and more recently), has pockets, and just moves so well.  And while you're taking on a trend you might as well go all in with a fun color, right?  Francesca of Coco Prop Shop and I had fun just running around Lake Worth snapping these photos, the dress fit right in with the lush greenery tumbling out from yards and alleyways.