How She Wore It

I love sharing my own personal style journey with you all, however seeing how other's interpret items in their own fashion is a huge source of inspiration for me and what gets my mind racing down other avenues of wear.  I believe that so much of fashion revolves around the celebration of the individual, and something we shouldn't let ourselves forget.  We've all had those moments (especially with Instagram) where you see someone looking great and it makes you self reflect...but not in a good way.  'Damn she looks so good' while not feeling super great about your own current state of affairs.  It happens, we all have life events that take precedent over self care, style, fitness, showering sometimes and THAT'S TOTALLY OKAY.  We just can't let ourselves lose that spark that instead triggers us to look at those same scenarios differently, 'Damn I love how she is wearing those pants!  Mental note to self to file that away for an outfit next week' or just acknowledging someone's style and giving a healthy nod of 'you do you' love.  Our options and inspiration become literally limitless when we open our eyes and appreciate how others wear things.

So, with all of that being said (I feel very passionately about dishing out love to others and not judging how one chooses to express themselves via dress - if you couldn't tell) I wanted to start a segment focused on the celebration of individual style.  I want to share more of people who inspire me, as that is just as important in my personal style journey (why I made this blog) as my own style, and series like this one showcasing how people interpret items in their own way.  My hope is to encourage people to lift each other up rather than style becoming this competitive 'who wore it better' thing.  My sister has always been a huge source of inspiration to me and really has her own sense of style, so it only felt right that I started this with her.  Hope you all like it and more to come!


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