Back Story

South Florida is full of palm trees, and yes they are amazing and usher in that 'take your shoes off and relax' feeling but what I really loved were the Banyan trees.  They're really magical looking and make you feel like you've been transported to Fern Gully or some mystical, exotic place.  Francesca of Coco Prop Shop and I were shooting in Lake Worth, discussing what area would be best for this look when we both saw this giant Banyan and instantly knew this was the place.  

I picked this silken kimono jacket up at Anthropologie a while back and love it over so many things - dresses, shorts, and with a tank and jeans.  I love the green paired with the gold, and the white keeps the look bright (I was living in Florida at the time so bright always works).  The banyan just tied everything in and lent an organic feeling to it all, and the light peeking through the cracks and crevices just makes me so happy.

Hannah ForresterComment