Antique Row Evenings

I had never been to a Club Monaco store until I visited the one in Boca Raton, FL, and the brand really grew on me over the course of the 2.5 years I lived in South Florida.  Their pieces are rooted in classic silhouettes, but kept fresh with little unconventional twists.  Case in point this slinky slip dress - the shape is very simple and classic, however the print pops and is what immediately caught my attention.  It's like an updated take on a toile wallpaper (in all honesty I wish it was a wallpaper print because it would be SO GOOD), but since it's printed on a classic silhouette it helps to ground the dress and make it more approachable. 

The soft pink is fitting given the feminine shape of the dress, but the pops of turquoise and red add an unexpected funk to the whole piece and makes the print fun and lively.  Given the traditional roots of the print, shooting with Francesca on Antique Row in West Palm Beach felt too fitting.  We wound up finding this empty parking lot off the main drag and did some experimenting with lighting as the evening got darker.  The best part of collaborating and creating is stumbling into situations that yield results you weren't expecting, but love.  The rush of inspiration that follows that new found excitement is really the pulse of why I created Forrester Stylings, and I hope it resonates through what you see on this site and carries into your day too!


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