Fiesta Embroidery

Just as I love dresses and skirts, I also love me a good hat.  Moving out to Colorado has pushed my hat game into more Western territory - feathers, leather details, BIG hats - and it's been fun going along for the ride and further exploring my own personal style.  With that being said, this look back in Florida came together around two things - one being my trusty straw boater from Lack Of Color and a bright embroidered jacket I nabbed on sale at Club Monaco.  All the pops of color in the embroidery lent a festive feeling to the jacket and paired with the straw hat the look felt like a vacation somewhere in sunny Mexico.  It's just a feel good look, and even though sometimes that's not on our minds when we're throwing clothes on - we' re in a rush, our minds are moving forward thinking about that meeting in the afternoon, we're stuck on that conversation from the night before - that's the objective behind each piece of clothing we put on, the feeling it gives us when we put it on.   

I love this one because it's easy, but still feels layered with the jacket and hat (I like layers) and the vibrant reds and oranges make me smile and I hope it makes y'all feel the same way!