Rethink Your Buttondown

At one point or another, we all get a little uninspired and fall into a clothing rut.  Here is a scene your probably familiar with - upon opening your full closet and scanning out numerous outfit options, you sigh and say 'Ugh I have nothing to wear' or 'I need new (tops/dresses/jeans/shoes/anything and everything)'.  To be completely honest most of us don't need for anything, and most of us don't have the spare cash to indulge in all of our wants, so when we get into a clothing rut it just sucks.  Really don't need anything, and even if we do, can't buy what we really want.  This is why I love Pinterest and Instagram - yes, most of the bloggers I follow on Instagram may be decked out in designer diddies (reference 'can't buy what I really want' above), but it's the style, the creative layering, the colors, the textures, the silhouettes, the aesthetic of the looks that always sparks something within me.  With both of these things at our finger tips, it's so easy to find inspiration in our busy day to day.  

I love a good white buttondown -  it's timeless, crisp, and extremely versatile.  However, I had found myself reaching for it less and less because I was feeling less enthused about it - 'boring white buttondown' every time I glanced over it.  NO WAY JOSE!  Luckily during this clothing rut I stumbled across a picture Emma Hoareau had posted on Instagram of how she styled her white shirt backwards AND off the shoulder.  I loved it.  It was feminine, it was so easy, and it completely transformed the ever classic white buttondown.  So I called up Francesca of Coco Prop Shop and took to my own interpretation of the look that worked in the hot South Florida heat.  Styling this look made pulling this outfit together fun, which is what fashion and style should really come down to - feeling good in what you're in and having fun in the process.  I hope you all take away some inspiration as well, and let me know of other ways you would style a white buttondown!

Xx Hannah

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