Two Pieces : Three Ways

One of my favorite parts of my job at the boutique is getting to help people imagine (or re-imagine) their wardrobe.  To help people visualize or inspire them to pair an item a particular way they wouldn't have thought of, or didn't see, is something I could do all day and I usually take away some inspiration from whoever I am helping as well.  

It's these little moments that inspired me to start a section that helps show two pieces that can work together, or separately.  For the most part, every piece in your closet should be a multifaceted gem that can be used to build several looks.  

So for our first edition, I chose two pieces from the store that can seem intimidating to customers initially as they may not be the easiest to visualize an outfit around.  But that's where I come in, to make it easy!  On their own, these printed culottes and tube top are stand out pieces, and together they make a super on trend look that reads special occasion.  Lucky for us, culottes are having a moment and they are super easy to play with!  Most people think they can't pull them off, but it's all about what you wear with it.  I paired mine with a black bathing suit (like a bodysuit and spanx all in one, try it!), sandals, a hat, and a white button down blouse (which is completely optional, I found myself liking the look more without it).  The fitted suit complements the volume in the culottes, and coupled with the accessories, lends a laid back jungalow edge to the look.   Given that the culottes add volume and length to whatever you pair them with, I took a different route with the tube top and went short.  Pairing the structured top with a white mini skort and fun earrings helps to make it feel less serious, but you could easily get the same effect pairing it back to some jeans or a colorful midi or maxi skirt.  I hope y'all took away some new ideas and feel excited to go into your own closets and play with some pieces.  I would love to hear the different ways you all would have rocked these two items, let me know!