Off The Shoulder Orange

I think this look came together from my desire for fall...even though it's December...really almost January.  It's just been really warm in South Florida, and I'm still adjusting to the subtle changes in the seasons down here.  After moving down south almost two years ago, I wasn't expecting to miss the seasons as much as I have (LOOK AT THA BEACH - that's really all I thought to myself), but it's real.  I'm so used to associating the different seasons with certain styles, hues, silhouettes, sometimes I get confused with dressing down here.  Example - I wake up and it's really hot out, so I throw on a simple tank dress and flip flops (reads summer), but then someone mentions that it's November and my mind kind of trips out because it wants to tell me to wear a sweater and booties...but I'm sweating.  It isn't a bad problem to have and I'm super thankful to live in such a beautiful clime, it's just different from what I grew up with and it catches me off guard sometimes.  

So with that being said, this burnt orange off the shoulder number drew my attention at work because it combined a versatile warm weather style, perfect for South Florida in the quintessential fall hue.  The dress is simple, so I paired with a statement making necklace and cream hued handbag with a killer gold spike detail.  Hope y'all like it and Happy Holidays!!


Dress: Tryb212

Necklace:  Molly Jane Designs

Bag:  Sancia

Shoes:  Matisse

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