health is wealth, soak it up!

We all deserve the most fulfilling life we can dream of, and making that dream a reality starts with prioritizing self care. As a certified holistic health coach my role is to support you as you create YOUR health care routine and flush out the background noise, so you can feel confident in your decisions and leave the stressing behind


WHAT IS a health coach?

After moving to CO I was grabbing dinner with a girlfriend when she told me about this online holistic health coaching program she was going to be starting and it felt like the universe’s way of subtlety, but not so subtlety, opening a new door for me. I studied exercise science in college and LOVED IT, but never found a path that felt right for it post college. Instead I fell into the fashion world (another passion) and started down that path. However, after years in fashion I was still a very active participant in my health AND wellness journey, which you can read about more in depth here. This program sounded like the bridge to get me back into the health and wellness space while providing me with the substance I felt I was lacking in my fashion endeavors. However I was wondering the same question you are probably thinking to yourself right now - sounds great, but what the fuck is a health coach?

Simply put by The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, whom I got my certification through, a Health Coach “is a supportive mentor and wellness authority helping clients feel their best through food & lifestyle changes by tailoring individualized wellness programs to meet their clients' needs.”. More specifically I am here to listen to your health concerns so as to help you tune into your own body’s needs by taking into account all the aspects of your daily life to and how they connect to your wellness (i.e. career, finances, relationships, stress management, sleep - it’s holistic baby!). I help create a safe space for you to work through everything all the while holding you accountable so that together we can create a road map to get you feeling good and doing good!

want to work together or just curious?

Everyone’s needs and wellness journey will look different, which is why I offer two different program structures. The first being a one month program and the second being a six month program, both of which give you full access to me via text and email plus several 20 minute check in calls in between sessions to make sure you feel fully supported while getting more acquainted with your wellness.

Whether you are ready to sign the dotted line and start working with me as your Health Coach or you’re curious as to what working with me would look like in more detail, I am here to answer anything. Fill out the contact form below and let’s get the conversation going!

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