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  For as long as I can remember, I have always been captivated by fashion and design.  When I was younger I would spend hours flipping through magazines, tearing out anything and everything that inspired me (I was hyped when Pinterest came out) and I loved seeing how other people expressed themselves through their own personal style.  Even after studying kinesiology (exercise science) in college, my love for fashion drew me back in and I found myself working at a local boutique in Louisville, KY.  

As we expanded, my job took me to South Florida and it was there that I decided to take the jump and start Forrester Stylings.  I wanted to create a space where I could collaborate with other creatives + brands to create captivating visual stories, both of my own and other's style.  Shortly thereafter I was inspired to pursue my creative curiosities and jumped onto the other side of the camera to help shoot and style projects in addition to sharing my personal style.  I've loved the ride as Forrester Stylings has evolved into it's current being, branching into the health and wellness world as I am now a certified holistic health coach and I'm so curious/excited/thrilled (all the feelings) to see what projects come my way now that we are living in Colorado.  I hope you enjoy what you see and please feel free to contact me with any styling inquiries, collaborations, or thoughts!